Helping interested clients to relocate to Canada to have their own business and operate them successfully.Supporting and collaboration with the Start-Up businesses related to the field of PHIBIZ services to bring their innovation into Canada and running the business successfully and profitably in Canada.Providing professional required Knowledge, Skills, internal designs, Biosafety, operation Standards, Products, Types of equipment, and Machines to all people who are involved in this field.Providing required services to manufacturers in their home countries to bring their ideas, products, and their business into Canada and running them successfully.

Supporting International clients to get involved properly in Aesthetic Medicine, Beauty, and Medical Spas in Canada and providing the required services to live in Canada. Moreover, Manufacturers can apply to get our special services, for bringing either some parts or whole of their business to Canada.

Providing the applicable Business Plan and marketing strategies

Choosing a Location & Purchasing the related business

Providing knowledge and skills toward getting Canadian Certificates

Providing the Biosafety Standards and Insure the businesses.

Setting-Up, Design, furnished, and equipped the business professionally.

Organizational and Leadership Development and transform to accelerating businesses

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